Homeowners need to understand how they work before installing a ductless air conditioning system. Evaluating their pros and cons makes it easier to decide whether they are a good choice for a particular space.

Here are important things to know about this air conditioning option:

How Ductless Air Conditioning Works

Also called mini-splits, they connect individual units to an outdoor compressor. Normally, indoor units have evaporator coils with refrigerant for cooling. Once warm air is discharged, it’s absorbed. The refrigerant transfers the heat to the outdoor unit.

A ductless system requires no ductwork to transmit the warm and cool air back and forth. The installation is less intrusive and blends with the room better. Additionally, ductless options tend to be more energy efficient and quieter.


Many homeowners wonder how a ductless system can cool an entire house. The truth is that the indoor units are a network connected to a compressor placed outdoors. The outdoor unit receives warm air from inside the house.

After the central unit is installed, different indoor units can be selected, including floor mount, ceiling register, or ceiling recessed to match the needs and character of the rooms.

Ductless System Advantages

  • The main advantage of ductless air conditioning over traditional models is the ease of installation. Here are some other advantages:
  • Integrated zoning allows individual room temperatures to be fully controlled.
  • Ductless air conditioning uses heat pumps and can also be used for heating needs.
  • The mini-supply systems are energy friendly. There are no duct leaks to worry about. In other systems, there is a 30% energy loss because of ductwork.
  • Ductless air conditioners are white or beige, making them inconspicuous.
  • The inverter compressors adjust the system’s needs without shutting down the entire system.

Ductless Air Conditioning Disadvantages

  • Just like any other system, this option has disadvantages as well:
  • Expense: Ductless air conditioning is more expensive than baseboard and window units.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: The system must be cleaned monthly to remove debris and dust from the filters.
  • Aesthetics: Ductless units are not suitable for specific room designs mainly because they are available in beige and white only.
  • Climate concerns: Those living in cold climates may need to find a fuel backup to enjoy ductless heat.

Size Needed

Deciding on the unit size is relatively easy. The room’s square feet need to be calculated, including additional areas covered by closets and other areas.

Bring in the Professionals

Working with air conditioning specialists makes the selection process far more straightforward. They can address the home insulation and advise on how to avoid air leaks. The experts can guide a homeowner on the best option based on the household’s needs and ensure the systems are installed correctly and maintained regularly.

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