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Welcome to Hacienda Air, the premier provider of air conditioning service in Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking for AC service in Las Vegas, NV, or need expert assistance with your HVAC system, we have got you covered with our top-rated services.

Harsh summer days are part and parcel for North Las Vegas homes. Still, with fifteen years in the industry, Hacienda Air is prepared to install new systems or update or replace old systems with quality parts and service you will come to expect as our customer. With one eye on achieving excellence in the industry and the other eye on protecting your hard-earned money, we offer the best products in the industry and some of the best technicians in the state. We offer excellent service on existing systems, with the experience, technology, and skill to solve repair and maintenance issues promptly, bringing you comfort and peace of mind.

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When the Las Vegas heat of summer arrives, there’s no better relief than stepping into a cool, comfortable space. We’re dedicated to making that a reality for you. With a wide range of air conditioning services, including AC installation, replacements, repairs, duct installation, and ductless air conditioning solutions, we’re your trusted partner in keeping your indoor environment enjoyable all year.


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At Hacienda Air, our team consists of skilled professionals with extensive experience in the air conditioning industry, capable of handling all aspects of AC services. We take a personalized approach, understanding that each cooling requirement is unique, and thus, offer tailored solutions that align with your space and preferences. Our commitment to efficient service is evident in our prompt and effective solutions, valuing your time and ensuring your comfort. We believe in transparency, providing detailed quotes upfront to eliminate surprises and offer dependable service. Customer satisfaction is our pride, as we are dedicated to delivering high-quality work that ultimately leaves you content and comfortable; your happiness is our primary objective.

AC Service FAQs

Absolutely! Regular servicing of your air conditioner ensures it operates at peak performance, extends its lifespan, and maintains energy efficiency. At Hacienda Air, we offer top-notch AC services in Las Vegas. Call us today for a free quote.

The exact time can vary, but any issues with essential utilities like AC should be addressed promptly. If you’re a landlord seeking reliable AC repair services, Hacienda Air is here to help. Contact us for a free quote.

The best time to service your AC is during spring, before the summer heat hits. But remember, in Las Vegas, anytime is a good time to ensure your AC is running efficiently. Call Hacienda Air for a free ac service quote.

Regular cleaning, changing the filters, and scheduling professional maintenance are key to maintaining an air conditioner. Hacienda Air offers comprehensive AC maintenance services. Give us a call for a free quote.

Split air conditioners should ideally be serviced every six months. In Las Vegas, regular servicing is crucial due to the city’s arid climate. Call Hacienda Air for a free quote on our servicing packages.

The cost can vary based on the type and size of the system, and the specific services required. Rest assured, Hacienda Air offers competitive pricing. Call us today for a free quote.

Our Reviews

Ellipse 2
I have been using Hacienda Air for several years. We like Ryan Lum and request him for each service visit. He is knowledgeable and profesional. I like the service program where I receive two visits a year to check out the air conditioner and the furnace. In Dec 2020 I made the decision to replace our air conditioner and furnace through Hacienda. The crew did a great job!
Vincent Colucci
Had my spring Tune up done a couple weeks ago. Everyone at Hacienda Air is amazing Ryan Lum is a great tech. Knows his stuff. I have nothing but good things to say about the company. Shows up on time. A company I would recommend to everybody. I called yesterday and today Ryan Lum was out here to fix it and it's working amazingly.
Thank you guys!
Antonella R.
Just had DeMario fix our ac system. Really respectful and professional. Made the repair in about an hour. Good price and service. Also, give that dude a raise! 5 stars for Hacienda Air and 6 stars for DeMario!
Philip H.
Technician Ryan Lum of Hacienda Heating & Air just left my house. My heater had gone out and he fixed it. As a long time Vegas resident I've had many repair people come to my house. Not only did he fix it but I know enough to see that he did not try to expand the job. He replaced the broken part. Before he left I told Ryan: When the next problem arises, I will feel good about calling him again.
Will I.
The tech was very professional and knowledgeable. He informed us numerous times on what he was doing and gave us options. I would gladly recommend him to others and use their services again.
Michelle H.

Total Care Service Agreement

Everybody knows that your car needs oil changes and other scheduled maintenance to get the full life out of it, but your heating and air units need regular maintenance, too. Take care of them now, and they will take care of you for a long time. This is your best course for putting off costly replacements without running the risk of leaving your customers, and employees stuck in the heat. With our Total Care Service Agreement, we will come twice a year on your schedule to inspect every HVAC system component to ensure they operate properly. Ask your service specialist for details on the benefits of a Total Care Service Agreement. Hacienda Air knows that replacing your HVAC system is usually the last thing you want to do. If you want someone who will make every effort to help you make the most out of your existing system, stop searching and call us today.