During the summer months, a lot of households see a spike in their electric bill. It’s during this period that having a mini-split air conditioning system is beneficial. Lower bills are just one of the reasons why people buy a ductless mini-split system. In this article, we’ll show you the advantages of owning one.


Mini-split systems are ductless, and thus more energy efficient. Conventional air conditioning systems lose about 25% – 30% of cooling in the ductwork alone. Ductwork means that cooling a room to a certain temperature requires more energy. Buildings with mini-splits will have a smaller electric bill because they don’t require ductwork.

But, mini-split systems may require a higher investment up front, although the eventual savings will pay for the unit in the long run.


Because ductless mini-split systems are smaller than most air conditioning units, they can be easily used for zoned cooling. Some models come with up to four indoor units connected to an exterior evaporator. These individual units have their own thermostats that operate independently. A mini-split system can limit cooling to the places that are occupied, saving more energy.


Mini-split system air conditioning units require opening a small hole in the wall for the conduit to pass through. This requirement means that they’re easier to install than a conventional air conditioning system that requires a large wall opening. The conduit can also be placed as far away as 50ft from the outside unit, allowing technicians more flexibility to install the unit itself.

The conduit also allows for installation in rooms where making a wall opening would be inconvenient, like inner rooms with no direct access to outside walls.


Because of the size and flexibility of mini-split systems, the unit can adapt to a lot of design choices. They can be suspended from the ceiling, or hung on the wall. The fact that there is no ductwork also allows designers to choose where to place the unit, such as in a converted garage. Because it only requires a small hole for installation, it also maintains the structural integrity of the wall.


Although some may feel apprehensive when deciding to get a ductless mini-split system air conditioning unit, its benefits are hard to ignore. Sure, one will need to spend a bit more upfront, but the long-term savings make the unit worth it. This may not be the only reason people buy a ductless mini-split system, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best.

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