Working heat pumps is essential to have a cool room on hot summer days or feel warm and comfy during cold winters. Therefore, most people call a professional when an issue occurs. Although calling a professional is always a good choice, some problems are easy DIY fixes.

We will talk about recognizing the most common issues and fixing them without calling a professional.

Weird sounds

Hearing strange sounds is the most common issue you may experience. The noise will be different depending on what is causing it. Rattling most often indicates loose parts, while squeaking sounds can indicate a more serious issue. Locate any loose components and tighten them to get rid of the rattling noise. However, a squeaking noise often requires calling a maintenance specialist to fix the problem.

Heat pump not running

First, check if the thermostat is at the desired temperature. Maybe the thermostat is not working and needs to be replaced. When replacing the thermostat, remember to use parts compatible with the rest of the system, or the issue will not be fixed and could even become worse.

If the issue is not arising from the thermostat, then there is most likely a power issue. Check if the power supply is on. If the power supply is on, but the heat pump is still not operating, check to determine if the heat pump’s fuse is working correctly.

If the fuse is the problem, either reset it or replace it, depending on the circumstances. As a safety precaution, turn off the power first.

Not heating or cooling properly

The initial step is to check the thermostat. If the thermostat is working correctly and the temperature is at the desired level, you should check that the vent covers are open. Make sure that your heating coils are in good working condition. If the heat pump isn’t cooling, the problem is usually a filthy coil or fan. Clean them and if there is still no change, check to see whether the air duct or ventilation system is clogged and unclog it.

The heat pump turns on and off 

A faulty thermostat often causes this issue. Recalibrate or change the entire thermostat to fix it.

Your heat pump may have a blocked filtration system inhibiting it from properly pumping air in rare circumstances. In this situation, you should try to unblock or replace the air filter. Check whether you have a malfunctioning fan or valves that are stopping the heat pump from functioning correctly.

It is best to read the instruction manual or find the instructions for your heat pump online.

Blower not working

A damaged belt is the most common cause of the blower not functioning. Replace it with a new belt to guarantee that the connection between the motor and the pump blower works appropriately.

If you encounter any problems that you can’t fix, please call an HVAC specialist to resolve the issue. 

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