Continual heating and cooling is a perk of heating and air conditioning systems. In actuality, the ductwork serves as the branching network and plays a vital role in the circulation of hot and cold air. This function of ductwork is often overlooked.

Well-maintained and competently installed ducts are a critical component to the comfort of one’s home. They can extend the HVAC system’s life while old and leaky ducts will affect the efficiency of the system, making it work harder.

This article will outline the reasons when one should consider replacing the ductwork.


An abnormal hike in electricity bills can be a sign of leaking ducts. This can cause your HVAC system to work harder to recoup for lost energy. Identifying leaking spots and sealing them is the solution. However, if the openings are scattered ubiquitously, it is advised to replace the entire ductwork to supply quality cooling and heating and cheaper electricity bills.


If your ducts are clogged or leaking, no matter what, it is terrible news. Holes in the ductwork will allow built-up pollen, dust, and other harmful bits to pass through the HVAC’s air filter and enable them to enter your home. These particles can pollute the air, aggravate asthma, and other allergies, compromising your family’s health. It’s even possible that fungus can grow on duct surfaces and unfurl across your home. It’s imperative to monitor the system’s ductwork to stop health and mold problems in their tracks.


Usually, ductwork will last 10 to 15 years. If your ductwork is aging, there’s a high probability it has garnered damage over the years. Putting off duct replacement can result in collapsed sections of ductwork, irregular leaks, and even pests. Having a certified professional examine your HVAC system in anticipation of problems can help save time and money.


If the ductwork is without leaks and gaps, there is a possibility it was inadequately installed or poorly sized. This ends in blocking or restriction of airflow, causing noises when the air conditioner is being used. The sound is often unnoticed, presuming the system is noisy, but it is more critical than that. Replacing the ductwork will reduce the noise and increase the efficiency by dispersing the air evenly across all areas.

To have good cooling and heating, it is essential to upkeep the HVAC system’s health and the ductwork. Having it inspected by professionals every so often can help reduce hefty maintenance expenses in the future. If you think your ductwork needs a professional to look it over, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

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