If an air conditioning unit drips water, it can cause significant disruption. Having a puddle inside the house is the last thing homeowners want to face. While an air conditioner should remove moisture, leaking water is not normal.

An AC that leaks water can signify a severe problem. Let’s discuss the possible causes behind this issue.


If the central heating and air conditioning unit is in a basement or an attic, it can be difficult for water to drain out. The condensate pump is critical as it removes the water accumulated in the system.

The float switch on the condensate pump is activated when the water level in the reservoir rises. Water drains out of the house as a result.

A malfunctioning float switch or a broken condensate pump will prevent water from being pumped out of the unit. As a result, the air conditioner will begin to leak water.


A clogged condensate drain line is one of the most common causes of a leak in the HVAC system. A condensate line is placed in the home so that the drain pan can properly direct any condensation buildup inside the house to outside the house. A backup can occur if it gets clogged with mildew and mold, causing water to leak back into the air conditioning system.

Some modern ACs have a cut-off switch that turns off the unit if the condensate line is obstructed. It’s a great way to safeguard a home from water damage.


The AC’s evaporator coils or air handler drips into a drain pan beneath the unit. The water then drains to the outside via a drain pipe. If damaged, the water will leak out of the drain pan rather than flow into the drain line.

A rusted drain is a common sign of aging in an air conditioning unit between 15 to 20 years old. Water can seep out of the air conditioner’s drain pan over time because of corrosion and rust.


A dirty air filter increases the workload on the system, which may result in damaged or worn-out components. If the filter appears to be excessively dirty or blocked, this could be why the air conditioner is leaking water. Monitor your air filter and replace it once or twice a month.


Finally, the AC system may be low on refrigerant. Insufficient refrigerant forces the system to work harder. This has the same effect as a clogged air filter, causing coils to freeze over and leak into problematic areas.

It is necessary to contact a professional for refrigerant refills. There are many reasons why an AC might be leaking. A check done by the professional is the best way to determine the cause and fix your AC unit.

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