The air conditioner’s filter is a small yet crucial part of an HVAC system. It filters dust particles, pollutants, and allergens from the air, preventing them from entering the homeowners’ lungs. However, if not cleaned regularly, the air conditioner’s filter may become clogged with pollutants, causing issues with the HVAC system.

We’ll explain why changing the filter in an air conditioning unit is essential.

Improved performance

A clogged filter inevitably leads to lower AC unit efficiency and, consequently, higher energy costs. It not only drains the homeowner’s budget but also leaves a larger carbon footprint. Therefore, changing your filter before the summer season is much cheaper in the long term.

Better air quality

Even homeowners who don’t care much about increased energy bills should consider changing their air conditioning filter regularly. If a filter is polluted, the blower spreads contaminated air particles throughout the house. These particles get into the homeowner’s lungs, potentially causing health issues in the future, such as asthma. Your health matters, so make sure to schedule a call with an HVAC technician.

Lower risk of breakdowns

Air filters won’t last forever. Over time, they start to deteriorate and release fibers and polluted particles into the moving elements of the HVAC system. It can lead to breakdowns and, consequently, increased maintenance costs.

Statistically, a clogged air conditioning filter is the number one cause of system failure. Sometimes, the system may start overheating and burnout. In this case, a repair is impossible, and the entire HVAC system requires replacement. Ultimately, buying a relatively cheap air conditioning filter replacement may lead to much higher expenses in the future.

A cleaner home

Dust particles entering an air conditioning filter not only get into the HVAC system parts or homeowner’s lungs. They also spread dust and allergens throughout the house. A clean filter ensures a clean home and decreases the risk of allergies. If a homeowner notices that their house gets dusty too quickly, chances are, the air conditioning filter needs urgent replacement.

How often should you change the air conditioning filter?

Knowing that air conditioning filter replacement is essential is not enough. Every homeowner should know how often a replacement is needed. The exact period depends on the filter type, size, and frequency of air conditioner use.

Typically, HVAC technicians advise changing the filter once a month. To estimate the optimal period for your filter replacement, show it to a technician. A professional may also recommend the most suitable and efficient filter type to reduce your long-term energy costs and allergy risks.

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