Uneven heating throughout the house can present a unique challenge for homeowners. While there are solutions that deal with the after-effects—like using additional heating appliances—these options cost more money. Additionally, mitigating the heating problem doesn’t remove its cause. In most cases, uneven heating will become a persistent problem and can get worse over time if unchecked.

Here’s our top list of tips to mitigate uneven heating or significantly improve the house’s heating situation.


Furnace and vent filters keep out dust and small particles from circulating through the HVAC system. Over time, these filters will pick up too much debris and become clogged, especially if there are pollutants like smoke from cigarettes or particles from hobbyist machines in the house. Cleaning the filter or replacing cheaper filters with higher-quality options can restore air circulation inside the system. We recommend replacing fiberglass filters every three months and cleaning pleated filters at least twice a year, before the main heating and cooling seasons.


A pump or blower in a specific area may break and fail to circulate the air from the furnace to the vents evenly. Checking the heat pump or the blower can be relatively easy, depending on where the HVAC system is installed. During a heat pump inspection, the main issues to look for are improperly set thermostats, ice accumulation on the outdoor cabinet, and low pump fluid levels.


If the furnace was replaced or the house was recently renovated or expanded, the furnace might be too small to accommodate the entire house. Unprofessional furnace installers sometimes don’t accurately calculate the area that needs to be heated and undershoot the estimate. A small furnace can’t keep up with the house’s heating demands and will only distribute heat to rooms near the system.


If the vents and registers around the home are blocked, they can’t blow hot air into a room. The registers are often mounted near ceilings or floors and, in the latter case, some furniture or debris may obstruct proper airflow. The furniture in front of the grill can also suffer due to increased heat or moisture as the incoming air is usually a bit hotter than the ambient temperature.


Ducts are one of the crucial elements in an efficient HVAC system. Over time, debris can clog them, or they can develop tears. A clogged duct doesn’t have enough airflow to push all the hot air out, while a torn one allows heated air to leak from the system.

Since ducts are installed in the empty areas around the attic and between walls, a professional crew must assess and fix any damage properly.

If you have any concerns about heating or require assistance to solve the uneven heating issue, contact a local qualified HVAC company to help.

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