Homes with duct-based HVAC systems require more maintenance and care than mini-split ACs. However, homeowners often don’t realize that their HVAC problem is in the duct system. Ductwork, designed to circulate air and withstand extreme temperature variations and pressure changes, doesn’t last forever. Duct sealing can be the best way to solve ongoing HVAC issues and improve energy efficiency in the home or office. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of duct sealing.


A house’s ductwork is engineered to provide optimal air circulation throughout the home and last for years. However, the air that flows through the ducts usually has small debris floating around in it. Debris can accumulate on a corner in the duct and cause a slight blockage. Home repairs and damage can also tear a gap in the ducts, letting the air out into the walls or ceiling. The HVAC system then overcompensates for the leak with more air pressure, which only expands the hole and exacerbates the problem. An exerted HVAC system will also use more energy than necessary to cool, heat, and circulate the air, affecting the household bills.


When ducts leak, they move air outside of the ductwork and suck in dust from their surroundings. The accumulated dust from an attic or crawlspace can get into the ducts and circulate into the system. In some cases, the added dust clogs the filters faster than intended, and in others, the house gets dustier when the AC blows air. Either way, leaky ducts worsen overall air quality and living conditions.

In severe cases, leaky ducts can pick up exhaust fumes from other appliances and bring them into the house, creating an extreme health hazard that requires immediate attention.


Professional sealing coats the ducts with an impermeable membrane that fixes minor leaks and reinforces the ductwork. The sealant is eco-friendly and non-corrosive and isn’t a health hazard. Sealing the ducts will improve overall airflow and improve energy efficiency. Homeowners usually see an immediate reduction in utility bills, and their house is cleaner.

Duct sealing works for the most common duct problems, but significant tears require more extensive repairs. In addition, the ducts have to be replaced and resealed to eliminate the problem in severe cases.


Homeowners usually opt for booster fans to improve air circulation when they notice worsening airflow. The fans blow more air through the ducts and are lauded as a cheap fix. However, they don’t fix the underlying issue or prevent dust from getting into the ducts.

Professional duct sealing and inspections are the only solutions for ductwork issues. Professional installers provide accurate quotes and expert services to ensure problems are solved efficiently and don’t reappear in the future.

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