The winter chill puts a lot of pressure on the HVAC unit, and homeowners should ensure their systems are prepared to tackle the first cold night. Few things are more inconvenient than a unit that fails to keep the household members comfortable, so let’s consider the best ways to optimize the home’s HVAC system.

Regular Maintenance Appointments Each Fall and Spring

With winter almost on the doorstep, there’s no better time to tune up the unit than in the fall.

Most people don’t use the AC and furnace as much during autumn, making this the perfect time for a checkup. Contact a reliable technician to schedule biannual inspections. They have the tools and skills to quickly identify telltale signs of HVAC trouble. Then, if they notice any underlying issues, they’ll fix them and ensure the system runs smoothly when winter arrives.

Regulate the Temperature

A malfunctioning HVAC system negatively impacts the home’s comfort levels and strains the household budget.

But with a smart thermostat, homeowners don’t have to struggle with temperature regulation. Many modern models feature Wi-Fi connectivity and have a unique app, allowing household members to control temperature levels even when traveling.

Smart thermostats are full of advanced features homeowners can use to set up an optimal temperature cycle to maximize savings. As a rule of thumb, keep the temperature at 68 degrees during the day and drop it to 58 degrees at night. With this effective trick, homeowners could lower their energy bills by 10%.

Those unsure about which smart thermostat best fits their home should contact a professional. They’ll assess the house’s heating and cooling needs and recommend the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

Invest in a Climate Zone System

Anyone living in multi-story homes knows how uncomfortable winter can be. Hot air always rises to the top, while cold air floods the lower levels.

Homeowners can close the second-floor vent and prompt the unit to move heat downstairs, or they could invest in a smart climate zone system. Modern options have wireless sensors that allow them to maintain comfortable temperatures in all home areas. In addition, the occupants can control the system remotely and set up optimal temperature patterns for a warm winter.

Protect the Outdoor Unit Against Snow, Ice, and Debris

Before the first snowfall, homeowners living in areas that experience harsh winters should bolster the outdoor unit.

Head out on a dry, sunny day and remove grass, twigs, and other debris around the unit.

Use a garden hose to eliminate animal droppings, grime, mud, dust, and bugs.

Wait for the unit to dry and cut the power by flipping the switch in the electrical circuits. This will prevent unexpected automated starts when the outdoor temperature suddenly decreases. Finally, place a waterproof cover over the unit to shield it from ice, snow, and debris.

Keep the Home Warm With Professional Assistance

Homeowners wondering how to winterize their HVAC unit should contact a professional. They’ll inspect the system, detect any underlying issues, and recommend the most effective upgrades.

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