A thermostat influences the level of comfort in the home and determines energy costs. When choosing a new thermostat, it is essential to understand the options available—finding a device tailored to the home’s needs while maximizing efficiency would be ideal.

Here is some information on picking the right thermostat.


Before selecting a thermostat, it’s necessary to know what air system has been installed in the home because the thermostat and the heating or cooling technology need to be compatible. The most common air systems are HVAC installations.


There are several types of thermostats from which to choose. They vary in their energy efficiency and programmability.


A programmable thermostat will change the temperature settings automatically. They are pre-programmed to adjust the temperature according to the home’s needs. With this type of device, there is no need to manually manipulate the temperature in the morning or at night. Programmable thermostats are more energy efficient as they minimize electricity waste. They also last longer because of reduced wear and tear.

Programmable thermostats have various configurations from which to choose. They have a seven-day program that allows the temperature to be adjusted daily. Additionally, there is the option to have it the same for five days of the week and at a different weekend setting.


Non-programmable thermostats require settings to be changed manually, which can be ideal for those who are often home all day. However, some digital non-programmable thermostats can communicate with the heating and cooling system to maintain optimal temperatures.


Manual thermostats are similar to their non-programmable counterparts as they both have to be adjusted manually. However, manual thermostats do not have a convenient LCD screen like non-programmable devices.


A remote or Wi-Fi thermostat connects to the home internet service, allowing for temperature adjustments to be made from the PC or mobile devices. A Wi-Fi thermostat is programmable and can override pre-programmed settings. It can also be adjusted from outside the home, adding a layer of convenience and energy efficiency.


A smart thermostat is the most advanced temperature control equipment currently available. It is a programmable device that does not need to be pre-programmed. As it is used within the home, it learns the preferences and habits of the occupants. The smart thermostat will perform functions like turning the heat down when nobody is home.

This thermostat can connect to devices like Alexa, allowing for voice control functionality. It can also be linked to Wi-Fi and controlled remotely.


Choosing the right thermostat can be challenging, with so many options from which to choose. Call a licensed heating service to discuss what would work best for the home for expert advice.

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