Mini-split air conditioners aren’t difficult to maintain, as these units don’t have ducts to distribute air and trap pollutants. However, they have filters that require regular cleaning. These filters trap dirt, dust, and other contaminants that cause them to clog over time, affecting the unit’s efficiency, airflow, and indoor air quality. 

Many homeowners wonder how often their mini-split filters should be cleaned to ensure optimal performance. This article will explain how often a mini-split filter should be cleaned and how to clean them properly.


A filter should be cleaned once in two weeks or every month, depending on how frequently it accumulates dirt. If there are multiple ductless mini-splits in a home, each of them will have a separate air filter. Follow the same maintenance schedule for these systems as with a central HVAC unit. 


The cleaning frequency is also affected by a lot of other factors. For example, a home with multiple pets and kids, a dusty or polluted environment, or residents who smoke may require a weekly filter change. Households with elderly members, no pets, traffic, and non-smokers may go for months without needing a filter cleaning or replacement.

If there is any uncertainty about the timing of carrying out this essential task, keep a check on them at regular intervals to see if they need a quick wash. 


By leaving the filters uncleaned and clogged for a long duration, homeowners may compromise the indoor air quality and system’s lifespan. The dirty filters restrict the airflow, making the system struggle to pull air and maintain the desired temperature. It will pressure the unit and use more energy to offer proper heating and cooling, resulting in high utility costs. With a clean filter, energy consumption can be reduced by 5-15%. 


Power off the AC unit to prevent any risk of injury or damage to the system. 

Lift or open the front panel of the ductless mini-split to locate the filter. Clean that area with a soft cloth and remove the filter. Use a vacuum to get rid of light dust. 

For a heavily clogged filter, wash it with warm water using a hose or run it under a kitchen sink. Do not use soap or detergent as the chemicals can damage it. 

Once cleaned, it is essential to let it dry completely. Avoid putting the filter back while it is wet or damp. When the filter is completely dry, reinstall it and close the front panel. 

There are newer ductless mini split models that come with an automatic cleaning function for the filters. If unsure, refer to the owner’s manual for specific instructions or information about cleaning or replacing the filters.  

No two filters will have the same cleaning or replacement requirements. An HVAC professional can help with the routine maintenance or repair of the ductless mini-split for the household to enjoy comfortable temperatures year-round.

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