Ducts are often neglected when people address the state of their HVAC since they are hidden in walls and ceilings. However, the components do much of the hard work necessary to provide optimal temperatures. They help distribute cold and warm air from the AC and furnace to various areas of the house. But as they age, they may develop multiple problems that may warrant a replacement.

Let’s talk about the main benefits of getting new ductwork:


If your ductwork is in excellent condition, it moves air from an HVAC unit to the rest of the house more efficiently than aged systems. By contrast, older units are prone to holes and cracks that allow a large quantity of air to escape. As a result, the energy bills are higher, especially if your conduits go through unoccupied areas.


Many ducts begin to sag or bend as time goes by. Consequently, air generates much more noise when traveling through them.

New ductwork can eliminate this issue. By hiring experienced HVAC technicians to perform the installation, you can dramatically lower the chances of sagging or bending units.


Holes in old systems allow dust and many other contaminants inside to flow freely throughout the house. Ducts in poor condition can also accumulate dirt, mold, grime, and even be home to pests. The result is a higher concentration of airborne allergens and unpleasant odors.

Thankfully, this problem can be easily solved by mounting new ductwork. It can prevent the HVAC unit from distributing noxious substances into living areas and help keep the air fresh.


New HVAC systems fitted on old ductwork may spell trouble on many levels. The equipment may operate inefficiently, require frequent repairs, and produce excessive noise.

To overcome the obstacles, have licensed HVAC contractors to inspect the appliance. They’ll recommend the right size for your system to ensure it can provide adequate results.


  • Dusty home: If there’s too much dust accumulating inside your house, faulty ductwork may be the culprit. The area may have developed gaps or holes, enabling particles to enter and disperse in other areas.
  • Mold: If there’s an unpleasant smell coming from the HVAC ducts, it may point to mold growth. If the ductwork isn’t appropriately insulated, condensation may occur, which is the perfect incubator for mold spores.
  • Noisy unit: HVAC units should run relatively quiet. Hence, noisy systems are a reliable indicator that there’s something wrong with ducts. They might be unbalanced or too small for the system.
  • Inconsistent temperature: Leaky HVAC ductwork that loses air is incapable of sufficiently cooling or heating some parts of your home. The inconsistency can be attributed to unbalanced ducts.

Reach out to seasoned HVAC professionals to address your HVAC concerns.

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