Attic insulation often gets overlooked, even though it’s a wise long-term investment crucial to an HVAC system’s effectiveness. An insulated attic is an energy-saving solution that’s beneficial both for the homeowner and the environment.

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of insulating an attic and its impact on your HVAC system’s efficiency.


Las Vegas has a relatively moderate climate compared to other states – even when it gets extremely hot or cold. Therefore, heating and cooling are essential. Many homeowners who have purchased new, energy-efficient HVAC systems don’t see any significant decrease in their bills. The most common reason for that is an uninsulated attic.

Experts estimate that the average heat loss from a poorly insulated or uninsulated attic is as high as 25%. In winter, cold air penetrates the attic and gets into the home, making it harder to heat. In summer, the same process happens with warm air. The difference in temperatures inside the house and the attic prevents homeowners from saving lots of energy, even with the most advanced HVAC system.


Another crucial factor in favor of attic insulation is that it’s an environmentally friendly solution – the less energy used to heat or cool a home, the lower the carbon dioxide emissions. Consequently, water and air quality improve. Help keep Las Vegas beautiful, invest in our mutual future.


Apart from energy savings and subsequent ecological benefits, an insulated attic helps keep the home safe. Constant temperature fluctuations can damage the roof over time, but it’s easily avoidable with proper insulation.

Depending on the policies of certain insurance companies, some homeowners may even receive a discount due to a decreased risk of roof leakages and broken gutters.


Attics are great storage spaces. Dampness and temperature changes inevitably damage items in the attic. It’s especially devastating with valuable and vintage pieces. Insulation solves this issue, allowing homeowners to use the attic as a storage room safely. Furthermore, if an attic has a high enough roof and is kept warm and dry, it can be used as a hobby room or a spare bedroom. Of course, the insulation alone is unlikely to make an attic suitable for living. A solid HVAC system is of great help keeping the attic conditions appropriate for living and storage purposes.


The choice of suitable attic insulation depends on the climate and the layout of the house in question. Here are some of the most common types of insulation:

  • Fiberglass batt: It’s the most affordable type of insulation, although not the most effective.
  • Rigid foam board: This board is suitable for both retrofit and new construction jobs. It improves structural strength and seals air gaps.
  • Spray foam: It is effective at filling air gaps.
  • Blown-in foam: This foam is suitable for tight spaces and unusually shaped areas.
  • Reflective and radiant barrier: It’s an additional layer to other insulation types.


Attic insulation is a crucial factor in keeping any airflow system energy and cost-effective. We recommend investing in it before changing your home’s air ventilation, heating, or cooling appliances. Consult with experts in the field to discuss the most suitable insulation type for your attic.

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