With so many furnace options available on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming when it is time for a replacement. Choosing a gas or an electric furnace is one of the most significant decisions. Let’s compare both furnace types to help homeowners choose the best option.


First, consider the local climate and the property.

An electric furnace is ideal in warmer climates. But in other environments, that same furnace may struggle to distribute heat to all home areas. Generally, a gas furnace is better in colder climates since it warms the property faster when it’s freezing outside.


It’s best to consider each unit’s estimated lifespan; gas furnaces can last up to 20 years with regular maintenance. However, annual HVAC inspections are crucial for optimal performance and to ensure no carbon monoxide leakages. In addition, their small components like the controls and igniters will require occasional replacement.

On the other hand, electric furnaces tend to last even longer and require less HVAC servicing.


Electric furnaces are more efficient since they don’t require fuel storage. However, a gas furnace can be made more efficient with an alternative for the traditional pilot light, like a direct spark or hot surface ignition.

There are also higher efficiency gas and electric furnace models if environmental concerns exist. 


An electric furnace has fewer upfront costs, including equipment and installation expenses. However, a gas furnace is generally less expensive to run. As a result, an electric furnace can have an annual operating cost that almost doubles the cost of a gas furnace. 

The operating costs of both types increase when used to heat larger homes in cold climates. However, gas furnaces work better in cold temperatures, and electric furnaces are more suitable for heating smaller homes in a warmer state. In addition, some people may prefer an electric furnace if they live in areas where natural gas is not readily available.


Gas and electric furnaces have unique benefits and costs, so choosing one can be challenging. For example, will the faster heating time but higher maintenance requirements of a gas furnace win out over the slower warm-up but minimal maintenance requirements of the electric furnace? Ultimately, it depends on the property, the climate, and the available budget. Consider speaking to local HVAC experts for guidance in sifting through the options and clearing up uncertainties to ensure an informed decision.

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