Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems can be a convenient way to cool the house in the summer. They are efficient and more flexible than traditional central heating and cooling. 

Here are some factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a mini-split appliance:


Ductless mini-splits come in various sizes. You can use them to cool the entire house or only moderate the temperature in one room. The option of non-centralized temperature control is good to have when utilizing a small home area. Mini-splits are available as floor units or mounted on the wall, depending on the requirements.


Mini-splits are easier to install than traditional HVAC units. As the name suggests, ductless systems do not require any ductwork. To connect the indoor unit to the one outside, what is needed is a three-inch hole in the wall. Homeowners can install mini-splits without making significant changes to the property. It is best to have a professional install your ductless system to ensure the job is done correctly.


Ductless systems take cool or hot air from an outside unit and pass it through indoor coils before distributing it to the room. Unlike window units, they do not simply transfer the air outside to the indoors. This temperature control method is more efficient and requires less energy than the traditional window AC unit.

Forced air systems like the HVAC lose 25% of their energy in the ducts. Because mini-splits do not have ducts, they are more energy-efficient. Ductless appliances also have compressors that speed up or slow down depending on the room’s temperature needs. They do not shut down entirely like HVAC units that require a lot of energy to restart.


Mini-splits are safer to use as they only require a small hole to be drilled into the wall for installation. On the other hand, window units need an open window to operate.


Mini-splits are great for new additions to the property as they do not need any connection to a ducting system. You can install them anywhere without interfering with an HVAC unit already in place.


A ductless system might not be cheap, but it is less expensive than adding ductwork to the house. It is also more affordable than replacing an old AC system.

Top-of-the-line mini-splits cost more than those from lesser-known brands. An appliance from a reputable company should last about 20 years.


Proper sizing is crucial when installing a ductless system. To ensure that the unit is working as efficiently as possible, it needs to be the right size and properly sealed. Many manufacturers will also void the warranty if a licensed technician does not install the appliance. Therefore, hiring a professional to install a mini-split would be the best approach.

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